Sony Berinovasi Luncurkan Mobil Listrik Berteknologi Canggih

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The development of the era made Sony continue to innovate in the midst of fierce technological competition in the world. 

Japanese electronics company, Sony, made a big surprise this year by launching an electric car called Vision-S. 

The trend of electric cars from Tesla, spur Sony to be involved in the market.

Exhibited at the CES 2020 in the United States precisely at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. 

Vision-S Sony/ Foto: merdeka.com

Sony Vision-S is a sedan car with an electric concept that is environmentally friendly and also has high-tech entertainment features.

Reporting from TheVerge, this car has 33 different sensors, both inside and outside the car. 

Vision-S Sony/ Foto: theverge.com

And it is equipped with several display panels, 360 audio system, and always-on connectivity produced by BlackBerry and Bosch.

The exterior of the Sony Vision-S vehicle has a sporty appearance of a European car, the Porsche. While the sides resemble Lucid Motors Air.

Vision-S Sony/ Foto: motor1.com

The inside of Vision-S displays a long screen that runs across the dashboard like a Chinese car, Byton. 

Rear passengers also pampered with a large screen mounted on the headrest of the front seat.

Sony's chief executive, Kenichiro Yoshida, said that the trend of mobile phones has indeed been huge in the past decade.

But after that, the electric car will become a new megatrend.

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